Thursday, November 4, 2010

Additional Assignment 3

Changing Education Paradigms

diplomaI absolutely loved this! I think it is so important that he addresses the idea of the economy and education. With our economy always changing, it is hard to educate our children on things that will be important later on. I completely agree with what he was saying. A long time ago, you were told if you went to school, made good grades, and got a degree then you would have a good job and be successful. Some people do not believe this anymore. I guess it makes sense when you see people who do not graduate from high school making more money than you would someone who has a 4 year degree.  I also think it is important that he suggested the idea of ADHD, going hand in hand with school being more boring with more standardized testing. If this was true, I would love to see all of the people out West who do not have so many problems with attention disorders. There is nothing about this video that I disagreed with.

At South, a lot of these same things are going on. We no longer have people separated by gender, and we no longer separate people by age. It is not uncommon to see 30 or 40 year old people in classrooms with us younger adults learning the same things.  

I believe that as a teacher,  I can be sure to teach things in a more exciting way. Also, like Sir Ken Robinson says, teachers should encourage divergent thinking and creativity from students. Don’t teach for conformity. Encourage them while they are younger so they continue to think when they get older. More importantly, do not label and judge your students; this may only give them more of a reason to think they can not succeed.

If I were to do a project like this, I would like to be either the designer or the idea generator.

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