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Additional Assignment 5

Adventures in pencil integration

Yes, I am one of the many that got completely turned around while reading the first post on "pencils." No I did not necessarily believe he was talking about pencils, but I did come out very confused. So here goes shot number 2.

Just teach them how to solve for X

pencilsThis post was very thought provoking and interesting. I do believe I understand it more than I did the one about pencils. I agree with this. It takes more than just simple memorization to understand things. Using metaphors, he is allowing his students to completely understand something instead of just using it and not knowing what it really means.

Sketchy Portraits: 8th Grade Identity and Pencils

It is absolutely amazing how he can use metaphors to describe everything. A pencil is a computer, a pencil is a child. It is wonderful to read things like this; things I never thought would come together to make sense. But it does. Children are like pencils, black and white, sketchy, temporary. Especially student's at that age where they are still trying to figure themselves. Of course this can be frustrating to us, but it is something that must be understood and worked with.

He Just Likes the Class for the Pencils

This post was my favorite. No, the boy does not like the class just because of the "pencils" or the "technolgy" or the "fun stuff". It goes a lot deeper than that. I also agree that you must keep a close connection with your students. You have to have trust, respect and understanding. If you can listen to your students, you have a much better chance of getting through to them.

The Medium Shapes the Learning

To me, this post is completely relevant to our EDM 310 class. In teaching, even if you have the tools, you MUST know how they work. In order to get the full effect, you need to be aware of the best way to go about using your tools. With technology expanding and becoming more popular, you can not just have computer in the classroom and say "here ya go students." I believe this will get us no where, not if we have a certain objective we need to get across. If you have a new method of technology, you need to know HOW to use it to accomplish what you need to accomplish.

Blog Assignment 13

teacher clipart

ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange)

ALEX was created to share educational tools and materials with teachers in Alabama. It is just a single website but it has a library of lesson plans for all subjects and grade levels, which can be posted and reviewed, and also shared between teachers. In a way, it is giving teachers a break from having to create lesson plans EVERY day. And don’t worry, the lesson plans are made to fit the Alabama Course of Study, although they can be changed to fit other states’ curriculum as well.

On the ALEX website, there is also a whole section with nothing but podcasts. This section is called the “Podcast Treasury”, and it is just a collection of podcasts that teachers created or were interested in. You can scroll through all of the new content, or you can search bases on the subject that you are interested in, like history for example.

Also on the ALEX website, there is a place where you can go to see nothing but good educational links. There are not only links for teachers and administrators; there are links for students as well. This website is pretty much all of your Google searches wrapped up in one, whether you’re looking for educational websites, good lesson plans for your class, or for podcasts that could be helpful to you as a teacher.

Access (Alabama connecting classrooms, educators, and students statewide)

ACCESS is a program that is designed to improve student learning through educational opportunities. ACCESS was created in 2004, and it laid out a whole list of goals and objectives that they were trying to meet even in the first year.

After reading through the ACCESS website, there were a lot of things that I found interesting. The whole point of the program is to come together to better students in Alabama. They are doing this by providing AP courses in schools for people who are interested, and they are also offering duel credit courses for college credits. I think that this is a great idea. I know that in high school, I was able to take classes for college credits and it really helped me out.

Not only are they offering more Advanced classes, they are offering more courses in general.

One thing I really found helpful is the fact that they are providing teachers with more advanced methods of technology to use in their classroom. This is something I am sure many teachers are happy about. All that means is more media tools to use to educate your students.

lesson plan book
It seems like ACCESS is and will remain to be a good program. Although I do not know everything about it, this is something I will continue to look into.

Project 15

Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Post 12- My instructions

Find a video, that is interesting to you, online pertaining to education and technology (that we have not already watched in EDM 310) Give the links to the videos, a summary of what they are saying, and explain why the video was important to see in a class like EDM.

Since we are in EDM, make sure the video does touch on technology in the classroom.

Learn to change, change to learn

This video starts off saying that students now days have a much more stimulating environment outside of school than they do inside school. For me, this was a completely true statement. These teachers explain how students now days learn and develop through technological devices, like social networks, internet and the computers, yet all of these items are banned when it comes to schooling. This really made me think about EDM 310 and all of the learning it promotes through the internet and other means of technology. These teachers are saying that now, technology is not an option in education. All students live with cell phones, social networks, and the internet, and its a great way for them to learn.

I love that the teachers are not just talking about the problems, they are coming up with solutions. I think it is so important that these educators understand that in order to teach your students, you have to teach yourselves and the other teachers as well. One of these teachers talks about the fact that students so not need to just memorize information for the future. They need to be able to find information and they need to be able to synthesize and validate this information.

Although I can not say I agree with every point made in this video, I think that it has some very good ideas and information. I agree, technology is not an option for future teachers. It is something that IS there and WE need to understand that and learn how to use it to teach our students th best way we possibly can.

What I learned from Project 6

After getting back my results, I realized that everyone that answered said that having knowledge of technology was important for teachers. Of all the people I surveyed, most said that they believe that they are at least a little technology literate. I also think that it is good that people said that there is still a lot to be learned and worked on when it comes to their knowledge of technology.

Since my whole survey was on technology in the classroom, I ended up learning a lot. I realized that when it comes to children blogging online, most people are wary and say that it is only alright sometimes, under certain circumstances. 

Most people also said that podcasts, like the ones we use in EDM 310, would be beneficial to students. When asked what kinds of technology they would incorporate into their classroom, I was not surprised to see that most people said they would use podcasts, blogs and powerpoints. These are the main three that I think I would also use in my classroom.

The last thing I asked was how important it was for teachers to be technology literate (on a scale from 1 to 10). I found that only one person  put less that 7 as an answer. This shows me that at least people are aware of the fact that teachers should have knowledge of computers and technology, especially since it becoming more and more popular in schools.

Summary of Responses- Project 6

Summary See complete responses
Do you think incorporating technology into the classroom is beneficial to students?
Do you think that it is a good idea for elementary students to record podcasts like the ones we are doing in EDM this semester?
Why or why not?
I think it is okay just to do voices but not videos because anyone can see the podcasts   To assist in other students learning   It allows them to interact and work as a team with other students. .I think it gets them involved and engaged in their work.    So the students can watch them and learn.interactive    I think it helps them learn if they are doing something creative with what they are learning,    It is a great way to learn about technology at a young age   It's important for students to be comfortable using technology so that they will be better prepared for new jobs.    .
When you become a teacher, what forms of technology will you incorporte into your classroom routine?
Social Networks for your class (facebook/twitter)
Online work
People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
As a future, do you think that smartboards will be more beneficial than powerpoints and lecture slides?
Explain your answer
The get the students more involved     Much more convenient   They allow more interaction..     I don't know what smartboards are.       There are more ways to use it for education.interactive      I do not think I know what smartboards are       because its not as boring   Smartboards are more interactive.  Smartboards will allow for the student to be more active        I think it might make it more interesting but that is about it.    I think they will be more beneficial because smartboards are interactive.    Plus you can still use power points on a smartboard.       I think so.      Once you know what a smartboard can do it is very interesting....
So far in EDM 310, Do you think that the projects, blog assignments, and required videos have taught you anything about techology?
Not really    how relevant it is today and in the future     They've showed me new options and technique I've never thought or heard of.      yes   Yeah   yes. I am more technologically literate   .yes   Yes   yes   yes   Yes   Yes,
Do you believe that it is safe for children to create a blog on the internet for everyone around the world to see?
What would you consider a "technolgy literate" teacher?
Someone who can use technology without assistance all the time    Decently so   Maybe...   I know enough to get by, but I'm learning more and more.someone who is aware of new technological advances    A teacher who knows how to use technology in the classroom    .One who knows how to use a computer and the internet    .informed about technology     Someone who can use a computer and technological tools to teach. They do not need to know how to repair a computer or program    .Knowing how to work a computer efficiently    A student who is familiar with recent technologies and can effectively implement those technologies
If you were a teaching right now, would you consider yourself a technology literate teacher?
Yes   not entirely   Yes   yes   No   yes   yes   yes   yes   yes   No   No, I think I know a lot more now than I did   Not quite there yet...   yes
If not, what can you do to improve your knowledge of current technology?
I do    Continue to learn      There are always new things to be learned..    Keep practicing.   yesn    If this is a if not question why is it required.   explore more   n/a   Continuing to learn new stuff about technology.   I can go to the available workshops and get more help or ask other teachers.    Keep learning from this course  
As a future teacher, on a scale from 1 to 10, how important would you rate knowledge of technology and the internet?

Number of daily responses

Progress Report on Final Project

So far for our final project, I have met once with the girls in my group (Leigh, Leslie, and Hailey) and we have went over possible topics for the project. We have went over a few video ideas, but we are trying to give it a lot of thought since it is our last project. We all have been talking, and we will be meeting again next week to continue to think up ideas. We are pretty sure we will be doing another video, but nothing is set in stone yet! We are all trying to make it a good final project!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Assignment 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy’s Class/ Skype

I loved that Mrs. Cassidy shared this video. I think it’s great that we are able to see the way she is incorporating technology in her classroom. I never realized how much of an impact blogging can have on children. It seems like they all want to do good and write well so they can get comments. Like they said on the video, they love being able to share their work.

girl on computerI think that it is so nice that not only can the teachers and classmates see it, family and friends can also see it. One child said that they get comments from their aunts and nanas. In my opinion, this is such a great way to tie in your family with your school.

The students themselves say that their writing gets better every time they post. Because they get a chance to go back and evaluate their work, they are able to see what kinds of things they need to work on.

Not only is the technology allowing them to learn, they are also able to have a good time. The children are getting chances to Skype with professionals, look through wikis, and also play the Nintendos. I wish when I was in elementary school I had a chance to do all of those things. It’s just another way to show you how far we have come over the years.

In the video with Mrs. Cassidy, I found that there really are so many ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. Like I said earlier, their class uses blogs, videos, skype, wikis, and they even have chances to play with their DS’s. The whole time, they are learning useful information in a way that us enjoyable to them,

As the semester goes on, I understand more and more of the importance of knowing about technology. It seems like no matter where we turn, things are becoming more and more advanced. I think that all teachers should have a knowledge and understanding of this. Allowing children time to post on blogs and make videos allow them to have a great, fun way to learn.

Comments for Kids 3-7

For my C4K 3, I commented on a girl named Ramona's blog. The post I commented on was a wordle that her class had to complete. They had to write a story and put it into their wordle. Her story was about pirates.

I thought that this as very interesting. Our class also had to put worldes on our blogs. I think that it is great because we are getting the chance to experience things that our students may be using in the future.

I did my C4K 4 on A child name Taylor's blog. Her and her class went on a camping trip. They got to stay up late and sleep in wagons. Taylor also said that they all got to play tug of war and go see a waterfall. I think that getting all the children together for fun activities like this is such a good idea. Not only can you learn things, but you can do it in a fun atmosphere.

camping tripFor my fifth C4K, I looked through the blog of a student named Shakira from a class in Australia. She did a blog post on polar bears. It was short, colorful, and informative. Shakira just described where they live, what they eat and habits they have. I think that posting blogs like this are a great way to encourage children to learn more information about topics and then share them with friends and classmates.

After looking through the rest of her blog, I noticed a post that was on popularity and friendship. Shakira used the movie Cars to show how friendships are and what it takes, in her opinion, to have a true friendship. I thought this was very creative.

My next C4K was for a students in a classroom in Iowa. The student who's blog I looked at was Lauren. After reading one of her posts, I was a little bit confused. It was a story about a girl named Willow. After browsing through the rest of her blog, I realized that she had other posts that had other parts of the story. I took the time to read the 3 she had. Lauren writes really well and I think that using her blog to create a story is such a great idea. This is something that I know, as a teacher, I would love to do with my students.

My seventh C4K was on the blog of Chris, a 5th grade student in Mrs. Gilbert's classroom. His blog post was on what his future plans were. The post he did had a lot to do with red ribbon week. Chris said that he wants to be a football player, but he knows that he could never be a football player if he did drugs. I think that it is so good that he realizes the importance of his decisions, especially when it comes to drugs.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Comments for Teachers 3

The Thinking Stick- blog by Jeff Utecht

This was another blog that I really enjoyed. It seems like Jeff is constantly hearing about new things and I think it is great that he is so eager to share his thoughts with everyone!

cell phoneThe first post I commented on was the growth of cells phones in places that have high levels of poverty.  From his blog post, I learned that in a short period of time, the percentage of people who have cell phones have gone up incredibly.

              “There are about 25 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people in the least developed countries       (LDCs), according to theInformation Economy Report 2010. That’s up from just 2 per 100 a few years ago.”

I think that it is absolutely fascinating. I think it is such a great thing for people to be connected, even if it means having one cell phone per 4 or 5 people. To me,  having a way to communicate with people outside your area is very important.

The second blog I read was also about the rapid rise of technology. In this post,  Mr. Utecht was saying how strange it is to see people without cell phones, tv’s and things like that these days.  For something that has not been around too long, this is great to see. Its so good to see technolgy expanding and people learning to use it in every day life.

I completely agree,  with Mr. Utecht. Today, it is not normal to be disconnected. I am sure the majority of the population has phones and computers. It is crazy to think that this technology has come so far in such a short time.

I also agree that social networks are having more people join them. I think that they are a great way to keep in touch and I think that Facebook and Twitter are going to keep becoming more and more popular.
I am glad to see people like him that are so concerned with the growth of technology. This is something I think everyone should be aware of because I think its popularity is going to keep rising!

Additional Assignment 3

Changing Education Paradigms

diplomaI absolutely loved this! I think it is so important that he addresses the idea of the economy and education. With our economy always changing, it is hard to educate our children on things that will be important later on. I completely agree with what he was saying. A long time ago, you were told if you went to school, made good grades, and got a degree then you would have a good job and be successful. Some people do not believe this anymore. I guess it makes sense when you see people who do not graduate from high school making more money than you would someone who has a 4 year degree.  I also think it is important that he suggested the idea of ADHD, going hand in hand with school being more boring with more standardized testing. If this was true, I would love to see all of the people out West who do not have so many problems with attention disorders. There is nothing about this video that I disagreed with.

At South, a lot of these same things are going on. We no longer have people separated by gender, and we no longer separate people by age. It is not uncommon to see 30 or 40 year old people in classrooms with us younger adults learning the same things.  

I believe that as a teacher,  I can be sure to teach things in a more exciting way. Also, like Sir Ken Robinson says, teachers should encourage divergent thinking and creativity from students. Don’t teach for conformity. Encourage them while they are younger so they continue to think when they get older. More importantly, do not label and judge your students; this may only give them more of a reason to think they can not succeed.

If I were to do a project like this, I would like to be either the designer or the idea generator.