Thursday, November 4, 2010

Comments for Teachers 3

The Thinking Stick- blog by Jeff Utecht

This was another blog that I really enjoyed. It seems like Jeff is constantly hearing about new things and I think it is great that he is so eager to share his thoughts with everyone!

cell phoneThe first post I commented on was the growth of cells phones in places that have high levels of poverty.  From his blog post, I learned that in a short period of time, the percentage of people who have cell phones have gone up incredibly.

              “There are about 25 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people in the least developed countries       (LDCs), according to theInformation Economy Report 2010. That’s up from just 2 per 100 a few years ago.”

I think that it is absolutely fascinating. I think it is such a great thing for people to be connected, even if it means having one cell phone per 4 or 5 people. To me,  having a way to communicate with people outside your area is very important.

The second blog I read was also about the rapid rise of technology. In this post,  Mr. Utecht was saying how strange it is to see people without cell phones, tv’s and things like that these days.  For something that has not been around too long, this is great to see. Its so good to see technolgy expanding and people learning to use it in every day life.

I completely agree,  with Mr. Utecht. Today, it is not normal to be disconnected. I am sure the majority of the population has phones and computers. It is crazy to think that this technology has come so far in such a short time.

I also agree that social networks are having more people join them. I think that they are a great way to keep in touch and I think that Facebook and Twitter are going to keep becoming more and more popular.
I am glad to see people like him that are so concerned with the growth of technology. This is something I think everyone should be aware of because I think its popularity is going to keep rising!

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