Sunday, November 7, 2010

Comments for Kids 3-7

For my C4K 3, I commented on a girl named Ramona's blog. The post I commented on was a wordle that her class had to complete. They had to write a story and put it into their wordle. Her story was about pirates.

I thought that this as very interesting. Our class also had to put worldes on our blogs. I think that it is great because we are getting the chance to experience things that our students may be using in the future.

I did my C4K 4 on A child name Taylor's blog. Her and her class went on a camping trip. They got to stay up late and sleep in wagons. Taylor also said that they all got to play tug of war and go see a waterfall. I think that getting all the children together for fun activities like this is such a good idea. Not only can you learn things, but you can do it in a fun atmosphere.

camping tripFor my fifth C4K, I looked through the blog of a student named Shakira from a class in Australia. She did a blog post on polar bears. It was short, colorful, and informative. Shakira just described where they live, what they eat and habits they have. I think that posting blogs like this are a great way to encourage children to learn more information about topics and then share them with friends and classmates.

After looking through the rest of her blog, I noticed a post that was on popularity and friendship. Shakira used the movie Cars to show how friendships are and what it takes, in her opinion, to have a true friendship. I thought this was very creative.

My next C4K was for a students in a classroom in Iowa. The student who's blog I looked at was Lauren. After reading one of her posts, I was a little bit confused. It was a story about a girl named Willow. After browsing through the rest of her blog, I realized that she had other posts that had other parts of the story. I took the time to read the 3 she had. Lauren writes really well and I think that using her blog to create a story is such a great idea. This is something that I know, as a teacher, I would love to do with my students.

My seventh C4K was on the blog of Chris, a 5th grade student in Mrs. Gilbert's classroom. His blog post was on what his future plans were. The post he did had a lot to do with red ribbon week. Chris said that he wants to be a football player, but he knows that he could never be a football player if he did drugs. I think that it is so good that he realizes the importance of his decisions, especially when it comes to drugs.

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