Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Post 12- My instructions

Find a video, that is interesting to you, online pertaining to education and technology (that we have not already watched in EDM 310) Give the links to the videos, a summary of what they are saying, and explain why the video was important to see in a class like EDM.

Since we are in EDM, make sure the video does touch on technology in the classroom.

Learn to change, change to learn

This video starts off saying that students now days have a much more stimulating environment outside of school than they do inside school. For me, this was a completely true statement. These teachers explain how students now days learn and develop through technological devices, like social networks, internet and the computers, yet all of these items are banned when it comes to schooling. This really made me think about EDM 310 and all of the learning it promotes through the internet and other means of technology. These teachers are saying that now, technology is not an option in education. All students live with cell phones, social networks, and the internet, and its a great way for them to learn.

I love that the teachers are not just talking about the problems, they are coming up with solutions. I think it is so important that these educators understand that in order to teach your students, you have to teach yourselves and the other teachers as well. One of these teachers talks about the fact that students so not need to just memorize information for the future. They need to be able to find information and they need to be able to synthesize and validate this information.

Although I can not say I agree with every point made in this video, I think that it has some very good ideas and information. I agree, technology is not an option for future teachers. It is something that IS there and WE need to understand that and learn how to use it to teach our students th best way we possibly can.


  1. Christie,
    This blog assignment was a great idea, and you made a good choice concerning your video. I agree that kids are stimulated by technological devices. I always see kids with cell phones and music devices in their hands. I think this is why technology in the classroom is so effective. Technology makes kids want to learn. Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent idea for a blog assignment Christie! you also selected a great video to demonstrate your idea. Keep up the good work. SS