Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Assignment 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy’s Class/ Skype

I loved that Mrs. Cassidy shared this video. I think it’s great that we are able to see the way she is incorporating technology in her classroom. I never realized how much of an impact blogging can have on children. It seems like they all want to do good and write well so they can get comments. Like they said on the video, they love being able to share their work.

girl on computerI think that it is so nice that not only can the teachers and classmates see it, family and friends can also see it. One child said that they get comments from their aunts and nanas. In my opinion, this is such a great way to tie in your family with your school.

The students themselves say that their writing gets better every time they post. Because they get a chance to go back and evaluate their work, they are able to see what kinds of things they need to work on.

Not only is the technology allowing them to learn, they are also able to have a good time. The children are getting chances to Skype with professionals, look through wikis, and also play the Nintendos. I wish when I was in elementary school I had a chance to do all of those things. It’s just another way to show you how far we have come over the years.

In the video with Mrs. Cassidy, I found that there really are so many ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. Like I said earlier, their class uses blogs, videos, skype, wikis, and they even have chances to play with their DS’s. The whole time, they are learning useful information in a way that us enjoyable to them,

As the semester goes on, I understand more and more of the importance of knowing about technology. It seems like no matter where we turn, things are becoming more and more advanced. I think that all teachers should have a knowledge and understanding of this. Allowing children time to post on blogs and make videos allow them to have a great, fun way to learn.


  1. I also enjoyed seeing how Mrs. Cassidy interacts with her students when it comes to technology. With students being able to show their work to their family members and receive wonderful feedback, I'm sure that it builds their confidence and encourages them to continue to do well in school. I would also like to add that like you I have also learned a lot more about technology in this class than ever, and I really appreciate Dr. Strange for it. I will definately be using these skills when I become a teacher!

  2. So will you use technology in your classroom? I certainly hope so.