Friday, November 12, 2010

What I learned from Project 6

After getting back my results, I realized that everyone that answered said that having knowledge of technology was important for teachers. Of all the people I surveyed, most said that they believe that they are at least a little technology literate. I also think that it is good that people said that there is still a lot to be learned and worked on when it comes to their knowledge of technology.

Since my whole survey was on technology in the classroom, I ended up learning a lot. I realized that when it comes to children blogging online, most people are wary and say that it is only alright sometimes, under certain circumstances. 

Most people also said that podcasts, like the ones we use in EDM 310, would be beneficial to students. When asked what kinds of technology they would incorporate into their classroom, I was not surprised to see that most people said they would use podcasts, blogs and powerpoints. These are the main three that I think I would also use in my classroom.

The last thing I asked was how important it was for teachers to be technology literate (on a scale from 1 to 10). I found that only one person  put less that 7 as an answer. This shows me that at least people are aware of the fact that teachers should have knowledge of computers and technology, especially since it becoming more and more popular in schools.

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