Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Assignment 13

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ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange)

ALEX was created to share educational tools and materials with teachers in Alabama. It is just a single website but it has a library of lesson plans for all subjects and grade levels, which can be posted and reviewed, and also shared between teachers. In a way, it is giving teachers a break from having to create lesson plans EVERY day. And don’t worry, the lesson plans are made to fit the Alabama Course of Study, although they can be changed to fit other states’ curriculum as well.

On the ALEX website, there is also a whole section with nothing but podcasts. This section is called the “Podcast Treasury”, and it is just a collection of podcasts that teachers created or were interested in. You can scroll through all of the new content, or you can search bases on the subject that you are interested in, like history for example.

Also on the ALEX website, there is a place where you can go to see nothing but good educational links. There are not only links for teachers and administrators; there are links for students as well. This website is pretty much all of your Google searches wrapped up in one, whether you’re looking for educational websites, good lesson plans for your class, or for podcasts that could be helpful to you as a teacher.

Access (Alabama connecting classrooms, educators, and students statewide)

ACCESS is a program that is designed to improve student learning through educational opportunities. ACCESS was created in 2004, and it laid out a whole list of goals and objectives that they were trying to meet even in the first year.

After reading through the ACCESS website, there were a lot of things that I found interesting. The whole point of the program is to come together to better students in Alabama. They are doing this by providing AP courses in schools for people who are interested, and they are also offering duel credit courses for college credits. I think that this is a great idea. I know that in high school, I was able to take classes for college credits and it really helped me out.

Not only are they offering more Advanced classes, they are offering more courses in general.

One thing I really found helpful is the fact that they are providing teachers with more advanced methods of technology to use in their classroom. This is something I am sure many teachers are happy about. All that means is more media tools to use to educate your students.

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It seems like ACCESS is and will remain to be a good program. Although I do not know everything about it, this is something I will continue to look into.

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