Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blog Assignment 10

“What’s my Sentence?”

sentence clip artThe two questions that can change your life

Honestly, if I had not read this blog, I know I would have never though about these two questions. The first one being, ‘What is your sentence?’ To me, this really does make sense. Like the video says, what sentence will be used to remember you? Right now, I could not tell you what my sentence was. I believe that later in life, after I have started my career in education, I may be able to tell you what my sentence is. All that I know is that hopefully, I will be able to give these children a positive, fun learning experience. I know that I want each child to want to come to class, and I want each child to push them selves as hard as hey can to do the best they can.

The other question was ‘Was I better today than I was yesterday?’ To me, this one is actually a lot easier to answer. I feel that if you are constantly educating yourself and pushing your self, then yes, you are better today than you were yesterday. If your life is a continual learning experience, and you improve yourself each day, then day by day you will find that you are growing and gaining knowledge. I think this is a sentence that teachers should ask themselves each day. If they can continually find ways to improve their skills and their teaching methods, their students will be the ones benefiting. Teachers should be constant learners, just as their students are. I believe that if each day you better yourself, you will be bettering your classroom and your students as well.

An Open Letter to Educators- Morgan Bayda

I really loved reading Morgan’s post. I too, think sometimes that some of the classes I am taking are, in a sense, “not doing me any good”. I pay so much for some of these classes, materials, and books, and then I do not even learn things that are relevant to my future career. I, like Morgan, have had the classes where you are supposed to be lectured to, read the text, and take tests. There is no interaction between the teachers and students, or between the students themselves.

To me, at least in EDM 310, we are all able to talk together when we have problems and issues, and we are also able to talk about assignments. I really believe EDM 310 has been beneficial to me. I have learned to use all types of technological tools, like PowerPoint, timetoast, wordle, and I have also learned to more efficiently use search sites and internet links. With some of my other classes, I feel as if the information I learn, like the lectures and the readings from books, will be information I lose or no longer need in a year or two. Hopefully, I will be able to successfully use these tools in the future, not only in the teaching field, but also in my personal life.

Don’t Let Them Take the Pencils Home

I think that this was a very creative idea for a blog post. If I understand right, it is not necessarily meant to be about the pencils themselves. Tom, the man in the post, is saying that completely taking something from the children (like pencils) may not solve any problems at all. He is saying that you have to use your problem to come up with better solutions to help learning. Gertrude tries to say that because of the children take the pencils home, they are thinking of the pencils are toys. Because of this, they do not use it for the things they should be. I think that it was great that instead of “Tom” agreeing with Gertrude, he proposed other solutions to the problem, like getting the parents involved in using “pencils” as learning tools as well.

In a way, this post was more confusing to me than it was educational. Yes, I think that is has a great message, but I had to re-read a few times to figure out what was really happening. I think that all teacher need to be like Tom. Use the tools you have to teach. Even if there is a problem with one of them, you can always come up with other solutions for learning.

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  1. Great points Christie!

    Aside from the other things you mentioned, I think the blog is the single best tool used in EDM310. The blog is an outstanding educational tool for students and teachers. From the student's perspective, it is a place to organize everything you do including virtually any multimedia you want. The blog is also a great way for students to hone their expressive writing skills from reporting on what they have done or discovered to reflecting on how things could be enhanced or improved. Student blogs also allow the teacher to keep up with when students have completed assigned work. From the teacher's perspective using a class blog is an excellent course management tool providing a platform for multimodal presentation, dissemination of important course information, and feedback from students. The class blog also provides students a place where they can access anything they need for the course 24/7. SS