Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Assignment 6

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The Networked Student- Wendy Drexler

>My first reaction to this video was that the teacher just wasn’t a good teacher. Of course, that’s only what I felt when I first started watching, but the longer I listened, the more I changed my mind. I think that people now are just used to teachers who always lecture, and make you read chapter after chapter in the textbook. I don’t think this necessarily makes them BAD teachers; it is just something that is expected of most of my teachers. I have never thought about learning being possible just by social networking, but I guess it does make sense.

I never thought that students could possibly learn from each other, and learn from other peoples opinions and other peoples articles online, but it is something that can be done. Students can gather information from contacts from all over the world, and they can pass on information to others that are interested in the same things. In my opinion, the networked student really can learn a lot without being lectured and constantly forced to read and write papers. Now I see that there is so much more to it than that.

So, does the networked student need a teacher? Of course they do! Everyone needs to have a place to start and a place to run to in case something does not make sense. This is what the teacher is there for. Like Ms. Drexler said in her video, teachers are there to help with guidance, to point them in the right directions, to get them resources and maybe help them with contacts, and also to help them learn the most successful way for them to communicate with other people. Of course, the networked student is expected to get through it on his/her own, but if he/she can manage, they will be able to spread their knowledge and share what they have learned with people all over the world.

A 7th Graders PLN

ADHD childWow!! I can not believe that a 7th grader is has learned to do put together a PLN better than I have. I have to say that I am so impressed that she has learned to use all the tools, especially since she is so young. Hearing this video actually gave me some good ideas about how to expand my PLN even more.

I realize now that there are so many things, tools, and people that can be beneficial to you. Having a PLN that is constantly expanding is something that everyone should consider. I know now that there are all sorts or places to go and all different people that will try to help you as you try to learn more.

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  1. Christie,

    Your response ... I realize now that there are so many things, tools, and people that can be beneficial to you ... is the foundation of this course. We are trying to expose you to as many things as possible and incorporate them with your creative side so you can become a better teacher in the future. What have you done already in this course that you might take with you and use in your future courses?