Sunday, October 10, 2010

Comments For Teachers 2

Larry Ferlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

Larry FerlazzoFor my second C4T, I looked through the blog of Larry Ferlazzo. Not only did he have a lot of blog posts of teaching children (especially ELL, EFL, and ESL children), He also had blog posts on current news. I was surprised to find he had a few posts on the miners trapped in Chile, which is something I have been keeping up with at home. It is nice to see someone that is dedicated to keeping others up to date with current news, popular websites, and great ideas for teaching children and keeping children entertained in the classroom.

The first post I commented on was about using punishment in the classroom. There was a comic strip that was showing how ineffective punishment can be when it comes to children. What the comic strip was saying is that kids sometimes think if they get in trouble, you just try a little harder next time not to get caught doing something wrong. I thought that it was a clever idea for a comic, and it also made me think about how I would go about handling punishment and reinforcement in the classroom.

The second post I read was on teaching the ESL, EFL, and ELL children in an unplugged way, which means without textbooks. I found this very interesting. The post was giving ideas on how to teach these children in a way that focuses more on their life and their interests and makes it more of a conversation than a lecture. To me, this seems like a great idea. The children will be able to talk about things they are interested in, and I also think it would make things a little more comfortable.

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