Sunday, October 3, 2010

Comments for Kids 1 and 2

I was assigned to look through the blog of a students named Florinda. First, I was asked to read her blog post about herself. This gave me a little bit more information on Florinda and what she likes to do in her free time. I realized that she, like me, is not too big of a fan of math. She said that if she is home trying to do work, sometimes her mind wonders off and she can not focus. I thought it was funny that I am so much older than her, yet I still have the SAME problems.

After reading her blog about herself, I read her manifesto. What this was, in my words, is a list of a few things she could work on and try to improve on. These things, were mainly pertaining to school and homework and ways she could try to work a little harder. Florinda also said that she would try to finish all of her work in class so she would not have to take it home. To me, this was a great idea. Especially coming from someone who is still very young. I think that these two projects were great ideas for the students.

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