Saturday, October 9, 2010

PLN Progress Report

Personal Learning Network=AMAZING oppotunity to meet new people and talk to people you already know about things that interest you. For EDM 310, I have started developing a personal learning network for the field of education. Since our class is based on technological advances and ways to use technology in the classroom, I have started my research in this area.

Besides watching the required videos for the class, I also have taken time to watch a few others regarding technology in the classroom. My main source for these videos is YouTube. Although I am not too familiar with YouTube, I have found that you can practically find videos on any subject that you are interested in. After watching Michael Wesch's video required for class, I decided to look through some of his other videos on youtube.

question marksI found each of these blogs so beneficial in their own ways. Dianne Krauss has great eduational links, Dorothy Burt has amazing videos and information on Google aps, and she also has links to student's blogs so you can see their work. Wesley Fryers blog has a lot of good information on how to use technology. Its a lot to scroll through, but i'm sure you will find something that will help you out. Not only am I going to continue following their blogs, I am also following them on twitter so I can continue to see what I can learn from them. I actually plan on going through and looking through other blogs that were assigned to other classmates. After reading through their blogs it seems like they have also gotten a lot of good information. I will continue to follow Dr. Strange's blog. I know if I ever have a technical problem he will be there to help.

Not only am learning through teacher's blogs, I am also learning through classmates blog posts. Hearing their ideas and opinions really gives me different perspectives on things.

Skype is something that I am still not too sure about. I have skyped with friends, and I have seen the skype videos that we have put onto our class blog, but for some reason I guess the whole "video chat" thing makes me uncomfortable. THATS STRANGE, I know, but for some reason I would rather just use twitter or Facebook (or even email) when it comes to communicating with someone.

Facebook has also really been valuable to me. When I first created my Facebook, I felt that it was just a place to talk with friends and look at pictures. I now realize that there is so much more to it than that. As long as your willing to search, you can find all types of educational tools and ideas.

For me, twitter was the newest experience. Since I started twitter, I found that if you open your mind, you can learn a lot. I looked through the pages that Dr. Strange put out to help us with our PLN's, and I went and added some new people on twitter that he said would be good to follow. As time goes on I will find more and more people that will help me on my educational journey.

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