Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comments for Teachers- Teacher 4

Learning is Life blog

For my fourth C4T, I was assigned to the blog of Russ Goerend. His blog was titled 'Learning is Life'.

For the first comment, I read his blog post on authors purpose. Russ was explaining ways that he was trying to teach his sixth grade student's to understand about authors purpose. This, in a short explanation, is telling whether the author was trying to persuade, describe, explain, or inform with their writing.

He broke his activities down into a day to day basis, and explained what he went over each day to give his studnets a deeper understanding of authors purpose.

To me, as a future teacher, I found this very helpful. Other teachers may have a problem with this same thing for their students, and having a post like this that breaks it down and explains it so easy could really come in handy for other teachers if they are having to go into more detail with their students like he did.

ipad pictureThe second post I commented on was about CAFE and using the Evernote on the Ipad as an alternative. This is something I have never heard of, but as a future teacher I found it very interesting. I am, like Russ, not very paper organized and after looking through all of the information about the Evernote on the Ipad, it seems like a more efficient way to keep up with your students information. It seems easy to access (as long as you do not have problems) and you do not have to tote around a huge, heavy three ring binder.

It is definitely something I will look into.

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