Sunday, December 5, 2010

Comments for Kids 8-11

The blog I was supposed to comment on for my C4K 8 would not pull up, so I commented on a blog by a girl named Kath that was listed under my assigned student for my 9th C4K. On her blog, she was posting about a choir trip they had taken with their school. Kath said that they performed in front of crowds larger than 100 people. I know that I would have been very nervous if I was in that position. After hearing about their choir trip it seemed like they had a great time.

choir singing
I found my 9th C4K the most interesting. It was a person named Jesse's blog, and they made a post on a book they had created. It was an online book, and you could actually flip the pages and everything from the computer. Jesse's book was on a cookie monster that stole cookies and hid them from everyone. In the end, cookie monster's brother stole all of cookie monster's cookies and they were forced to share them. It was very well written, it had great illustrations, and it had a good moral behind it.

This is something that I would love to do with my kids once I begin teaching. Its a great way to let them show their creativity, and it also gives them a chance to use the computer and new forms of technology.

On my 10th C4K, I read a blog post by a girl named Shelby from Mrs. Heubner's class. Her post was on a recent Skype session that was done with a Catholic school in Pennsylvania. It seemed like she found it very interesting that she was able to Sykpe with someone that was so far away. I think that Skype can be a very effective teaching tool for students, especially if you are skyping with people that was help educate you.

Shelby was lucky enough to Skype with a school that was a lot different from hers. They had uniforms, they went to school for different times, and they also learned to sing all of the states in alphabetical order. 

For my C4K 11, I read a poem called Cherries Red by a boy named Frank. Even though his poem was sort of dark and gloomy, It was very well written. According to him, the poem was about a man that committed suicide after thinking of all the people he had killed in his life. Yes, I thought this was a sort of a strange blog post at first, but it was actually very interesting.

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