Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comments for Teachers 1

class rulesFor the first comment for teachers assignment, I read Jenny She's blog. I completely agree with the post I read. I believe that all children have so much information to pass onto us. Like she said, we grew up in completely different times than some of our students, and we should be open to learn from them since we have the chance. I agree that some teachers think they know it all, but I know this is not the case (and i will choose NOT to be one of those teachers). Mrs. She presented a video in which a little girl was giving a lecture on the word "childish" and how it should not be used to desribe a certain level of immaturity (which can, a lot of times, be found in adults and not children). I found this blog post very informative and thought provoking. Hopefully, all teachers will one day realize there are many things to learn from students.

The second post I read on Jenny She's blog was on task boards. Task boards, as Mrs. She puts it, are boards with student's names and lists of activities for them to do until they get a chance to be called up to the teacher. This way, they are kept busy with learning activities. I think that task boards would be beneficial not only to younger children, but to older students as well. Like Mrs. She says, children have different skills and abilities, and some learn on different levels than others. Also, I agree that some students (especially younger ones) have a harder time concentrating and staying on track. I also think that her choice in having flexible choosing options was a great idea. This way, a few student's can do one activity at a time, and they get a chance to choose their own activity.

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